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Today's Phrases.

Posted by Kathaab afandi on August 20, 2003's today's list..thank you very much.

1.hurled him against the wall

2.liked to hang out after school

3.cordoned off all roads

4.attempted to show a brave face.

5.shore up something

6.turned a corner toward lasting peace.

7.bowling over audiences

8.plans to "try out" for the tennis team

9.all the while

10.starting to "clamp down on" crime

11.go after pimps who prey on teenage girls.

12.set out to make them feel special.

13.police have stepped up stings

14.had her hair hacked off

15.her body scrawled over with marker pen

16.tipped her over the edge.

17.self-destructive merry-go-round

18.In the long run

19.falling off the wagon on several occasions

20.a washed-up joke

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