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first home of the walkathon

Posted by GPP on August 19, 2003

In Reply to: Sorry for my late discussion, but plz take a look back at this: posted by sphinx on August 19, 2003

: if home is a noun here, which item does it match?

: n.
: 1.A place where one lives; a residence.

: 2.The physical structure within which one lives, such as a house or an apartment.

: 3.A dwelling place together with the family or social unit that occupies it; a household.

: 4.An environment offering security and happiness.

: 5.A valued place regarded as a refuge or place of origin.
: 6.The place, such as a country or town, where one was born or has lived for a long period.

: 7.The native habitat, as of a plant or animal.

: 8.The place where something is discovered, founded, developed, or promoted; a source.

: 9.A headquarters; a home base.

: 10. Baseball
: Home plate.

: 11. Games
: Home base.

: 12.An institution where people are cared for:

: 13. Computer Science
: The starting position of the cursor on a computer screen, usually in the upper left corner of the screen.

Good question, sphinx. "He is the first home of the walkathon in just 1 hour" is a very curious statement, which sounds to this American as though it were written by an ESL speaker. I interpreted "home" in this context to mean "the finish line"; but I would have said "in the walkathon" rather than "of". Or perhaps the statement means something entirely different.