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Today's Phrases

Posted by Kathaab afandi on August 17, 2003's today's phrases..thank you all.

1.if she wasn't so high-maintenence.

2.I cannot be at her beck and call 5 times a day. keeps the show from getting on the road

4.he once raised the prospect of having someone assassinated.

5.hang out all day, getting high nag him about getting his life together

7.started to play out his fantasies

8.the body sprawled out on the bed

9.fed off the memory of his first victim

10.on the spur of the moment

11.he was on a full-blown rampage.

12.lashed out again

13.and forced her to perform fellatio on him

14.had just drifted off to sleep

15.was on the prowl for another vehicle he could steal

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