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Well, we do say LABoratory here, though

Posted by GPP on August 13, 2003

In Reply to: Well, we do say LABoratory here, though posted by Gary on August 13, 2003

: : : : : : Does anyone other than me still say EXquisite (rather than exQUISite), HOSpitable, PREparatory, etc? Americans, at least, are seemingly incapable of accenting the first syllable of any multisyllabic word. I cringe whenever I hear forMIDable or apPLICable.

: : : : : Or preFERably.

: : : : This American here says EXquisite, hosPITable, prePARatory, FORmidable, and APplicable. I believe all five pronunciations are correct.

: : : That's the way I pronouce them, although I have to admit to never having thought about them before. My pet hate is 'conTROVersy', which I maintain should be 'CONTROversy'.

: : : We are in the middle of a heat wave here in the UK - yes, really. Talking about the weather is a national obsession, so there's lots of that lately. For the sake of my health I must give up on reacting to the irritatingly wrong 'hot temperatures'. Even on the BBC - I ask you. Bring back the lash.

: : I've never in my wildest nightmares ever conceived of conTROVersy--you've actually heard that on BBC??

: Yes, the BBC do get it wrong - even on Radio 4.

: As the OED says:

: ... from controversus 'turned against, disputed'.
: (The second pronunciation, putting the stress on -trov-, is widely held to be incorrect in standard English.)

Boy, I'll say! That is DESpicable (otherwise known in these here parts as deSPICable).

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