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Referential transparency

Posted by GPP on August 13, 2003

In Reply to: Referential transparency posted by ESC on August 12, 2003

: : : Hi,

: : : Could anyone help me with the pharse 'referential transparency' in the following paragraph? Thanks a lot.

: : : In attempting to prioritize for discussion the 'objective' journalist's claim of referential transparency, this issue of how relations of patriarchy inform the 'discipline of objectivity' as seemingly apolitical (genger-neutral) normative ideal is critical

: : As usual with this author, the prose is so labored and charged with ideological baggage, that it's difficult to express in clear, Standard English. I suspect that she (just guessing it's a she not a he, from the feminist diatribes) really means "neutrality" when she speaks of "referential transparency" ... the journalist deludes himself if he beleives himself objective and neutral, since he's unaware of the inescapable patriarchy he operates in. Poor deluded fool.

: I want to punish whoever wrote this stuff. Where was I reading about how academics write this way so they'll be taken seriously?

Archive 22, ""A transgressive challenge to the valorization of hegemonic narrativity?" - Word Camel 07/17/03". I agree, this has to have been written by a woman.