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M-W2: also see

Posted by GPP on August 13, 2003

In Reply to: Palestine / Philistia; 'The Pale'/ and M-W2 posted by janes_kid on August 12, 2003

: Does "M-W2" refer to the big old Websters 2nd international?

BTW, janes_kid, you'll also be interested in checking out the link "Don't Look It Up" posted 12 Aug by Word Camel in the original posting "Dis? McJob? All in the new edition of Webster's Dictionary..." This is why I still rely on my M-W2. I believe the last M-W Collegiate based on the 2nd Unabridged was 1956; it doesn't state an edition number, but the copyright page lists eight prior editions, and as I recall, the 10th Ed was the first to be based on the 3rd Unabridged. After nearly 50 years you might be SOL trying to find a copy of either the M-W2 or the unnumbered "9th" or an earlier Collegiate without paying BIG bucks. I didn't do a thorough search, but didn't return any hits just now for either one.

Question for everyone: I haven't looked at any OED for centuries, other than my 1934 Onions Shorter OED--what is Oxford's current stance in the prescriptive/descriptive wars?