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More phrases plz.

Posted by ESC on August 10, 2003

In Reply to: More phrases plz. posted by kathaab afandi on August 10, 2003

: hi...would like to know the meaning for the following phrases..thank you.

: 1.may not be hoding out on you.
: 2.a tart.
: off the handle.
: 4.taking on his children makes me feel scared.
: 5.weigh up pros and cons.
: 6.she can not see reason.
: 7.she is sex on leg.
: 8.go cold turkey.
: up again.
: 10.has got you hot under the collar.

1. may not be hoding out on you. - Holding out on someone means keeping something back. It can be a thing (He won't share his cookies. He's holding out on me.) or something less tangible (He won't tell where they're going on vacation. He's holding out on me.)

2. a tart. It depends on the sentence. A tart can be a small pie or a woman who is immoral. See Merriam-Webster online at

3. fly off the handle. Get angry - quickly. Like the head of an ax flying off its wooden handle.

4. taking on his children makes me feel scared. It could mean committing to care for children. (My brother died and I'm raising his children. Taking on his children makes me feel scared.) Or it could mean fighting with. (My husband died and his children from his first marriage are contesting the will. Taking on his children scare me.)

5. weigh up pros and cons. Weighs the pros and cons. Looks at the positives and the negatives (good and bad) of an issue or a course of action. (We are deciding whether to live in the city or the country. We are weighing the pros and cons. Living in the country would mean we can get a bigger house but it would mean a long drive to work.)

6. she can not see reason. She won't listen to reason. Means someone who won't listen to sensible arguments for or against something.

7. she is sex on leg. I have NO idea. Never heard this one. Sex on the hoof? A person who personifies sex walking around. Anyone want to explain this one?

8. go cold turkey. Stop something (drugs, for example, or dating a boyfriend) abruptly without doing it gradually.

9. meet up again. Meet a person for a second time after parting. "Let's go to our separate classes and then meet up again for coffee."

10. has got you hot under the collar. Made you angry.

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