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The greater the mind,

Posted by Kit on August 01, 2003

In Reply to: The greater the mind, posted by Word Camel on August 01, 2003

: : : : : All advertisers terms to describe adults who don't want to grow up - found them in this fascinating adn somewhat disturbing article:

: : : : I just bought myself a dollhouse. And I'm on the darkside of 40.

: : : I still fly model aeroplanes, and I'm just on the 'dark side' of 70! I think there's a bit of child in us all. As long as it's only a bit, then all is fine - I hope!
: : : A link to me below, but a bigger picture

: The greater the need for play, but if you are the dark side of 50 and still playing in your nursery, all bets are off!

Must admit the link struck a chord with me. I'm still at the tender age of 21 (ahhh), however I have a house, a mortgage, a kid, a car, and have to balance all these commitments with full time university study, and a job. In comparison to many of my university friends, I like to consider that I am slightly more developed in the 'maturity stakes' than they are, yet when I look at my internet favourites list I feel humbled. As well as this site I also have World Wrestling Entertainment on my list - how sad am i?

I think it was Freud who argued that creative writers develop their imagination from childhood play, if that is true then our current confusion over childhood and adulthood boundaries can only have a severe affect on the standard of literature released in the future.

Probably explains why I want to be a writer...

God help us all!

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