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English sentences

Posted by ESC on August 06, 2003

In Reply to: English sentences posted by Zia on August 06, 2003

: Hi,
: I am currently reading "The Anatomy School" by Bernard MacLaverty and have come across a few sentences which I don't understand (I'm french...). Would anyone be kind enough as to explain to me what they mean ?
: Thanks a lot
: Zia

: 1) feel your head !
: 2)And Ned Kelly asked him a question and your man says : I haven't a baldy.
: 3)mutton dressed as lamb
: 4)it'll only stunt your growth
: 5)the water stood the town on its head
: 6)he ate enough to show he was trying
: 7) they went around acting the Bishop, taking a swing like John Wayne in a fist fight. Making slap noises with their mouths and collapsing sideways on to the ground.
: 8)they gave him a crisp corporation towel and a slice of red carbolic soap.

: Cheers

Hmmm. The only two that I can help with are:

3) mutton dressed as lamb -- Usually said about a mature woman who still dresses like a woman in her teens or 20s.

4)it'll only stunt your growth -- Coffee, cigarettes, etc., are said to "stunt your growth," result in a child not growing to his or her full potential adult height.