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English sentences

Posted by Zia on August 06, 2003

I am currently reading "The Anatomy School" by Bernard MacLaverty and have come across a few sentences which I don't understand (I'm french...). Would anyone be kind enough as to explain to me what they mean ?
Thanks a lot

1) feel your head !
2)And Ned Kelly asked him a question and your man says : I haven't a baldy.
3)mutton dressed as lamb
4)it'll only stunt your growth
5)the water stood the town on its head
6)he ate enough to show he was trying
7) they went around acting the Bishop, taking a swing like John Wayne in a fist fight. Making slap noises with their mouths and collapsing sideways on to the ground.
8)they gave him a crisp corporation towel and a slice of red carbolic soap.