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You are forgiven!

Posted by Bruce Kahl on July 29, 2003

In Reply to: Increasingly more posted by Kit on July 29, 2003

: : : : : is "shooting pool" a kind of game in the USA?

: : : : Pool is the game and shooting is the action taken during the game.

: : : : From Merriam-Webster online:

: : : : 4 a : to engage in (a sport or game or a portion of a game that involves shooting ) : PLAY b : to place or offer (a bet) on the result of casting dice : to use up by or as if by betting : EXHAUST

: : : Growing up in Brooklyn, NY in the mid fifties to early sixties, I spent many many hours/days in pool rooms where we played the game of pool AKA pocket billiards.

: : The game of pool is played in many different countries around the world, and has many different variants. '8 ball' pool is most common in Britain, but '9 ball' is becoming increasingly more popular since the World Championships began being held over here. The current world champion of 9 Ball is German.

: : I myself enjoy playing pool on a regular basis, mostly when I have assignments due in.

: "increasingly more popular"???? I can't believe I wrote that! And I'm an English student too! Tut, tut, shame on me!

Now here is a quote from the appointed leader of the US of A so don't feel so bad:

"I hope we get to the bottom of the answer. It's what I'm interested to know."
George Dubya on the African / CIA / Iraq connection