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What does scug mean?

Posted by GPP on July 28, 2003

In Reply to: What does scug mean? posted by Nima on July 27, 2003

: context doesn't say anything more. but I guess it's NOT anything abbreviation.
: I come along this word in donald barthelme's Snow White, page 37.
: Thanks for your help.

Tell us where you are in the book. My 1972 Antheum paperback page 37 begins "SNOW WHITE was cleaning. "Book lice do not bite people," she said to herself. [etc.]"; no 'scug' on that page. Oh, OK, on my page 31. You're right, no context whatever, and presumably not an abbreviation. Probably a made-up nonsense word for its emotional weight rather than carrying any meaning, but let's see if anyone can contribute anything better.

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