Customer Compromise

Posted by Barney on July 26, 2003

In Reply to: Customer Compromise posted by James Briggs on July 26, 2003

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: : Hi,

: : Need help on the following two sentences:

: : 1. In order to create next generation products, businesses have to break customer compromise.

: : Question: What does "customer compromise" mean here?

: : 2. In this modern world, product complexity is outstripping customer sophistication.

: : Question: What does "customer sophistication" mean here?

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: : Thanks.

: 1. My guess. That the customer, who is used to a certain type of product, must be moulded to accept some new version. This is often associated with a massive advertising campaign.
: 2. I think this is an extension of the suggestion I gave above - you've got to 'educate' the customer to accept/want a new product. His current level of product understanding is too simple to understand our new gadget, thus we must teach him what he 'raelly needs'.

The two sentences are meaningless and serve only to create confusion whilst giving the appearance of containing information. They are typical examples of the output of marketing departments of dubious companies or the pronouncements of second rate politicians - the many websites which host the sayings of GW Bush are excellent sources of more examples.