A few questions

Posted by Sphinx on July 23, 2003

1.How should be length "6-foot-4" be read here:
He is 6-foot-4 tall.

2."as compared to" and "as compared with", which is correct?

3.What does "beat" mean in this ad.?
We offer a consummate and leading web page development program, at a price hard to beat.

4.As we could see from the Domain Name, I assume most of you here on this forum are from the UK, so would you mind telling me a bit about your monetary system?
Are you still using shillings and farthings? If not, are you still using such phrases like "not worth a farthing"?
I think the matter would be worse to you if the UK joined the European Union - you will perhaps stop using "penny wise and pound foolish" and the like, is that right?

5.When someone is having a temperature, we say he/she is suffering fever or suffering from fever?

Thanks a lot!