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Self employed - immune to sickness

Posted by Keith Curtis on July 21, 2003

In Reply to: Self employed - immune to sickness posted by Lewis on July 11, 2003

: : : : It is a fixed phrase, is it? which means pretending to be sick in order not to go to work?

: : : : BTW, could you tell me where I could acess The American Heritage® Dictionary of Idioms online?

: : : : Thanks!

: : : "Phone in sick" or "call in sick" means to phone one's workplace and excuse oneself from work for the day, saying one is ill. The same phrases are used when the worker is sick and when he or she is healthy and is lying.

: : Faking a sick is also called "a mental health day."

: In our area it is usually called "doing a sickie"
: I could probably give a list of almost-true complaints for doing a sickie and their translation. Being self-employed, it's no work no pay, which is quite motivating.

: Been up all night...drinking
: Not feeling well...hung over
: Might come in later...(flying pigs spotted first)
: Feeling yeugh...not quite sure which ailment to claim yet
: Migraine...hang-over
: Sickness and diarrhoea...vindaloo after 7 pints
: Twisted ankle & can't drive...fell over drunk and still too wrecked to safely control a vehicle
: Don't quite know what caused it...still drunk.

: feel free to add a few more - somebody will use them.