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More Bodies Found Behind Bank Till

Posted by Lewis on July 17, 2003

In Reply to: More Bodies Found Behind Bank Till posted by Henry on July 16, 2003

: : : Hi,

: : : Could anyone tell me what the following headline means?

: : :
: : : More Bodies Found Behind Bank Till

: : : Thanks.

: : I'm not sure. Unless it means more bodies were found behind the bank counter...not evident when a person first walks in the door.

: : A till (Merriam-Webster online) is:

: : Main Entry: 4till
: : Pronunciation: 'til
: : Function: noun
: : Etymology: Anglo-French tylle
: : Date: 15th century
: : 1 a : a box, drawer, or tray in a receptacle (as a cabinet or chest) used especially for valuables b : a money drawer in a store or bank; also : CASH REGISTER
: : 2 a : the money contained in a till b : a supply of especially ready money

: What is the context? It sounds like a newspaper headline. It could describe the scene after a violent bank robbery, with more dead bodies found behind the till of the bank.
: That's my imagination racing away. There's probably a more mundane explanation!

Sounds like a headline - with the obvious meaning that unexpected corpses have been found behind counter in bank (presumably after some robbery or disaster)
Alternatively - if one were being a wee bit too clever, it could mean "Additional organisations have been set up based upon high-street merchant finance" - not very likely.

The bank that likes to say
...another bloody corpse!

Reminds me of "Naked Gun"