What does "i get the point" mean?

Posted by Bookworm on July 01, 2003

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: I once saw (in a Garfield's treasury book) Garfield cat's master, Jon ask Garfield to see his girl friend who is out there (near them), but even used telescope could not Garfield seem to find her! The angry Jon shouted at Garfield: "I get the point!"

: - that's what puzzled me! what does point mean?

Garfield is being overly sarcastic by using the telescope. His statement is that the girlfriend who Jon thought was close at hand was nowhere to be seen. (I am not that familiar with the cartoon, but I'll guess that Jon does not date very much). Jon replies "I get the point" to mean that he understands that she is not outside and Garfield could merely state the fact, and didn't have to be so mean about it.

Defintion of point, from Merriam-Webster Online:

b : the most important essential in a discussion or matter

3 : an end or object to be achieved : PURPOSE did not see what point there was in continuing the discussion