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Archives: Dutch treat

Posted by Lotg on July 11, 2003

In Reply to: Archives: Dutch treat posted by R. Berg on July 11, 2003

: : What is the origin of Dutch treat or Let's go Dutch? Why not British treat or French treat or Let's go Chinese or German?

: Basically, because the English disliked the Dutch, as the archive entry linked below explains. For more information, type "dutch treat" in the archive-search box.

::: Wow, this is fabulous stuff. Although I thought it was kind of 'Freudian' (could be the wrong term here) that the writer in the archive makes this statement: "At the lowest point of the struggle, in May 1667, the Dutch sailed up the Medway, sank a lot of ships, and blockaded the Thames. The Dutch were powerful, they were the enemy, they were the bad guys, and their name was taken in vain at every opportunity. " The 'lowest point' to whom - not the Dutch methinks. So this archival response appears to have been written by an English person.