Two little questions

Posted by Gary on July 08, 2003

In Reply to: Two little questions posted by sphinx on July 08, 2003

: 1.Rodney Mace, 35, is married with two young children, and is a part-time teacher of history.
: (i'm confused by the usage of addind "with" to "married"!)

: 2.
: - He suggested that we all have dinner. How about a week from Satruday?
: - That would be fine.
: (what does "from"?)

: thanks!
: Sphinx

1. "married with two young children", means that he is married and that he has two young children.

2. "a week from Saturday", refers to the Saturday after next, i.e. not the coming Saturday but the one after that. In the UK at least this is often called "a week on Saturday", which is even less intuitive.