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Hell freezes over

Posted by Janes_kid on July 07, 2003

In Reply to: Hell freezes over posted by Bookworm on July 07, 2003

: : : Hi:

: : : Hi, need help again.

: : : When a man was talking about his chance of
: : : getting a promotion, he said:

: : : "It was like a snowball's chance in hell."

: : : What did he mean?

: : : Thanks.

: : The possibility that a snowball can survive in hell is nil. The man believed that his chance of getting a promotion was nil.

: Another expression used to indicate that an event is not likely to occur is "when hell freezes over". To use the current example, the man's will get his promotion "when hell freezes over".

Was there not ice and snow in Dante's circle iii? And did not Dante know as much about hell as any of us here?