Pop goes the weasel

Posted by Lotg on July 07, 2003

In Reply to: Pop goes the weasel posted by Gary on July 04, 2003

: : your origin for "pop goes the weasel" is not correct. It refers to the noise made by a yarn winder, which is an accessory to a spinning wheel. Children turned the winder,sang the little ditty, while momma operated the wheel. A worm gear moved a thin piece of wood as the winder turned and "poped" when a mesured length of yarn was accumulated on the winder.[usually one furlow,or about 2yards].

:: That may be so, but why if it's a yarn winder making the noise, is the term 'weasel' used? Is a yarn winder referred to as a weasel for some reason, and if so, why? Or is something to do with the worm gear, is that weasel-like?

: Evidence?