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Some phrases plz.

Posted by S. on July 31, 2003

In Reply to: Some phrases plz. posted by kathaab afandi on July 31, 2003

: hello,

: 1.I blew his dosh.
: 2.I'm upset that everyone is so quick to "write us off".
: 3.The relationship has already "stood the test of time".
: 4.To "spice up" your love life.
: 5.To "put someone off".

: Thank you all.

2. "write us off" = "dismiss us and/or our ideas"
3. "stand the test of time" = "endure/persist over a substantial period of time"
4. "spice up" = "invigorate/rejuvenate"
5. "put off" = "disaffect"

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