More phrases.

Posted by Bob on July 30, 2003

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: hello,

: 1.Eventually the story began to "tumble out".
: 2.The man started to "pour out a tale about" someone.
: 3.When all "the hell broke loose".
: 4.When he "collected his wits".
: 5.He attended the university for a semester, but "flunked out".

: Thank you all.
1. To tumble out is to be released in a bouncing. rolling motion - imagine a wheelabrrow of rocks dumped so the roll down a hill.
2. Similar - this time the words are pouring out, like water being poured from a glass.
3. All hell broke loose. The visual image is the release of devils from the gates of hell ... in other words, the sudden chaotic confusion of uncontrolled events.
4. Collect (get under control) you wits (thoughts). To regain control of your thinking (perhaps some time after all hell broke loose?)
5. Flunked (failed academic courses) out (so was not eligible to remain in the university.