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Holding on

Posted by R. Berg on June 17, 2003

In Reply to: Holding on posted by kathaab afandi on June 17, 2003

: : : hi,
: : : can I omit the "on" part in this sentence and just keep the word "holding", will the sentence retains the same meaning?

: : : here is the sentence...president pervez musharraf is "holding on" to the power he snatched in a 1999 coup because pakistan is still not ready for democracy, he said yesterday.

: : : thank you for your help.

: : Leave it as is. "Holding on" is clear.

: LOL, OK I will leave it, but I just need to know if it makes any difference.

Omitting "on" would make the sentence incorrect. We don't say the president is "holding to" the power.