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Word Camel please...

Posted by Sphinx on June 17, 2003

here is the poem from which "sketched reeds" comes. can you explain it now?

Step out of the station,

I make my way to the mountains.

An emotion* reminds me everyone's waiting on the other side.

I walk on the country road,

Many scenes of childhood appear.

It winds across the field, just like a stream*.

In the sunshine, among the woods, Breathing the fresh air.

No smoke, no shades of skyscrapers*, Nothing I hated.

In my eyes, full of colours.

Green grass and yellow grain, flaming flowers brightly blaze,

Blue lake and white sand, sketched reeds* catch the breeze*.

Around my ears, full of songs.

Singing of the birds, barking* of dogs, Wind rustles* leaves and drops echo* in the well.

Now, it's a calm to my rush of days.

It's great to return to nature mum.

The sun rises from the horizon on land,

The sun rolls across the sapphire* sky,

It then sets over the misty* lake.

Every day the sun is new, the life is new.

Now, old is just new to me.

It's wonderful to be back.

I see my house, I see my parents.

I know they're waiting for me.

Hi, I'm back, back to home!