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Number 5

Posted by TheFallen on June 13, 2003

In Reply to: Oops! My typo! posted by Word Camel on June 13, 2003

: : : : 5.
: : : : - Did you punish him for that?
: : : : - No. I remember how young he was then that I had to excuse him.
: : : : (Is "then that" here a phrase shares the same meaning with "so that"?)

: : Thanks!
: : But I wonder which part of speech does "then" then belong to and its meaning?
: : And what is a " a much sentence "?

: I meant to say "a much better sentence"! Sorry for the confusion. I think I've generated more than I've clarified.

: Camel

I don't think the sentence makes any sense at all and I'm not surprised that Sphinx is entirely confused by it - so am I.

It's a bit difficult to offer any possible alternatives because the sentence is so poorly formed as to make the writer's intention difficult to grasp. However, one that will at least be grammatically correct is:-

"My fourteen year old son finally admitted to me yesterday that he was the one who broke my Ming vase ten years ago."

"Did you punish him for that?"

"No. I remembered how young he was then, so I had to excuse him."