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J. Allen Hynek

Posted by TheFallen on June 12, 2003

In Reply to: J. Allen Hynek posted by Shae on June 12, 2003

: : "... Steven Spielber's close Encounters of the Third Kind, which also drew heavily on the services of a *renowned extra-cinematic "expert" - professional urologist J. Allen Hynek * - and hose release in 1978 was greeted with scarcely less awe than one would expect should a real UFO land next to the United Nations headquarters and begin dictating revelations to the General Assembly."

: : I know Allen Hynek was a kind of advisor in the UFO subject, but I don't understand this urologist thing about him. Is it a kind of a joke? as far as I know He studied Astronomy.

: : by Extra-cinematic, does he mean outside the world of cinema?

: : most grateful as always
: : Miri

: I suspect 'urologist' is a typographical error that should read 'ufologist': UFO-logist, a(n) UFO expert. I haven't heard 'Extra-cinematic' before. Your interpretation seems to me to be correct.

I fully agree. If that's not a genuine typo, the I suspect someone may be taking the piss.