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Asylum seeker?

Posted by ESC on June 12, 2003

In Reply to: Asylum seeker? posted by Lewis on June 12, 2003

: : What is an "asylum seeker"? Is this like an "after-school program"?

: : From BBC News online:
: : "He (Prince Charles) spoke to local children who regularly use the centre and then met young asylum seekers from the centre's art project who performed a rap and dance routine about drugs, violence and the need for peace in communities. The project is run by the Prince's Trust and involves about 40 children, many of them asylum seekers."

: this really invites a bit of irony, but I will refrain.
: On the basis that this is a genuine enquiry (shame on you if it isn't) - an "asylum seeker" is a person who arrives in another country claiming that they require temporary safety because they fear violence will be used against them in their native land.
: "Asylum" is expected to be granted only until it is safe for that person to return to their native land.
: It is also at present falsely claimed by many economic migrants who do not wish to apply for entry to a country through the regular channels.
: False asylum seekers are causing prejudice to genuine ones in the UK at present.

It was genuine. I'm familiar with people from other countries seeking asylum. But this was about neighborhood children. Does it mean the children are seeking asylum from the drugs, etc., in their community?