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Cornbread in a glass

Posted by ESC on June 04, 2003

In Reply to: Soldiers posted by TheFallen on June 04, 2003

: : Can anyone tell me why we call slices of bread 'soldiers' when we dip them in boiled eggs?

: : Thanks!

: I have no back-up for this, but my opinion is this. The egg's irrelevant largely, because you can equally have Marmite soldiers (it's a very popular UK savoury spread for those who don't know). To turn bread or toast into soldiers, all you need to do butter a slice of bread, then further cut it lengthways 5 or 6 times. The resultant row of strips could be said to look like soldiers standing in rank on parade, all in line.

: Personally I prefer toast soldiers for dipping into a runny egg - those bread ones are too spineless and droopy :)

Runny egg. Marmite. Sounds yummy. I have read that Marmite is not a taste that can be acquired. You have to eat it from childhood to like it. Is that true?

Here's a food item from my childhood in West Virginia: cornbread in a glass. Crumple cornbread in a cup or glass. Add milk. Eat with a spoon.