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Da capo

Posted by R. Berg on June 01, 2003

In Reply to: Da capo posted by Stephen Gourlay on June 01, 2003

: Florence Nightingale in a book published in 1863 gave a sardonic description of a British soldier's day, ending with "...drink, bed, and da capo". Can someone help with 'da capo'? Nightingale was fluent in several European languages, including Italian - I wonder if the reference in previous discussion (fish to fry) indicates the sense - e.g. of 'doing something else'

: Thanks.

"Da capo" is a direction in music, written on a score. It's Italian for "from the top" (literally, from the head): the players are to repeat the passage from the beginning. In the context you describe, it must mean "and then the next morning he gets up and does the same thing all over again."