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Minor aspects of good manners

Posted by ESC on June 01, 2003

In Reply to: Minor aspects of good manners posted by Henry on June 01, 2003

: : Hi,

: : I don't quite understand the bracketed sentence? Could anyone do me a favor?

: :
: : Advertisement formed a paet of each newcast and in the case of The Camel News Caravan went even further. The newsreader, John Cameron Swayze, sat at a desk to read the news, a packet of Camel cigarettes and an ashtray strtegically placed beside him. Further sponsorship 'distortions' took many forms, as Barnouw elaborates:
: : Introuduced at the request of the sponsor,( they were considered minor aspects of good manners rather than news corruption. )

: : Thanks.

: These references to the sponsor did not corrupt/distort the news. They were considered to be small breaches of good manners (etiquette).

I think it means doing the sponsor a minor favor. It was "good manners" to display the sponsor's product on the news show.