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Anyone ... they ...

Posted by Gary on May 20, 2003

In Reply to: Anyone ... they ... posted by R. Berg on May 20, 2003

: : Believe it or not, this sentence was in an article on the Opinion page in today's Times:
: : 'Anyone, whoever they are, could be a ... star in the movies.'

: Pitiful. That could have been corrected so easily by deleting "whoever they are."

... and on the BBC news this morning the British Minister for Education (I call him boss) stated "Britain has the third highest standards of literacy and numeracy of any country - behind only two others". He can't be very sure of our standards of numeracy if he thought we needed clarification to work that out for ourselves.

Another numerical foot in mouth, from a BBC pundit this week. "There's only one team in Europe you can leave Manchester United for - and that's Real Madrid or Barcelona".