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Posted by Bruce Kahl on May 23, 2003

In Reply to: Wachowskian? posted by ESC on May 23, 2003

: I was reading a New Yorker article about the movie "Matrix" and kept running into words I didn't know. (Maybe I should stick to People magazine.) I think I've figured out the first two, but can't find anything on the third word.

: A Critic at Large, "The Unreal Thing: What's wrong with the Matrix?" New Yorker, May 19, 2003:

: EXTASE -- "Shortly after its mostly unheralded release, in 1999, 'The Matrix' became an egghead 'extase.'." (a feeling of immense joy; rapture. Dutch: extase (de). )

: BALLETIC -- "The spectacle has by now become part of the common language of action movies: the amazing 'balletic' fight scenes and the slow-motion aerial display of destruction." Couldn't find "balletic" in the dictionary but I'm guessing it's relating to ballet.

: WACHOWSKIAN -- "The (Philip K.) Dick scholar Erik Davis points out that, in a sequel to 'Valis,' Dick even used the term 'matrix' in something like a Wachowskian context."

The Wachowski brothers made the movies. They have a certain style.
a la Faustian.