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Eating crackers in bed

Posted by ESC on June 26, 2003

In Reply to: Eating crackers in bed posted by R. Trochlil on June 26, 2003

: : : Orgin of phrase: I sure wouldn't throw her out just for eating crackers in bed.

: : I couldn't find the origin. I believe it's a country/Southern saying. The way I've heard it is: "I wouldn't kick her/him out of bed for eating crackers." Meaning the person is attractive so annoying habits don't matter. That isn't true, by the way.

: I have traced it to the 1950's but no further. My kids claim it originated then. I used it in a novel set in 1862 and they claim it doesn't fit. It sure does fit in the novel though. So....

I'll give it another search this evening. I have some teenage slang books that I'll look through. When were "crackers" invented? They are fairly old, I'm guessing.