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In One's Dodge

Posted by Bella on May 06, 2003

In Reply to: In One's Dodge posted by Bob on May 05, 2003

: : : What does the expression "in our dodge", as in the following, mean, and what is its origin?

: : : "That type of query about a lack of fierceness is known in our dodge as 'the Dukakis trap.'"

There was a question asked of Mr. Dukakis in a televised pre-election debate, wherein Mr. D. was asked what he would do if his wife were sexually attacked, and instead of a swift and firm "Clint Eastwood/Schwarzenegger-type" of response, he thought about it and gave a "politically correct and carefully-worded" response, and lost I think a LOT of voters because of it. Voters wanted emotion, not what sounded right.