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In One's Dodge

Posted by Bookworm on May 05, 2003

In Reply to: In One's Dodge posted by S. on May 05, 2003

: What does the expression "in our dodge", as in the following, mean, and what is its origin?

: "That type of query about a lack of fierceness is known in our dodge as 'the Dukakis trap.'"

: Thanks for any help.

Just a guess, but dodge here seems to mean "our part of the country", "this particualr region", somewhere along those lines. The origin is probably the old American TV series Gunsmoke, which took place in Dodge City. There is also an expression "Get out of (or outta) Dodge!" which means the same as "Get out of here, you must be kidding!" It is used as a response when one is told something that one finds unbelieveable.