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Ominous conjunctions

Posted by ESC on May 02, 2003

In Reply to: Ominous conjunctions posted by TheFallen on May 02, 2003

: : : : Does this mean that it's going to get harder or better?
: : : : I thought that it menat its going to get worse, but I am not sure.

: : : My opinion: it could mean either depending on the context. If the speaker is finishing a difficult task, "down hill" would mean the hard part is finished. If the person has gone through a pleasant experience and says "It's all down hill from now" it means he's had a peak experience and nothing can match it.

: : I see that we both posted at exactly the same time, and we both agreed!

: Both? BOTH? Anyway, two triples in the space of less than fifteen minutes. It must be an omen.

I always check the board before I go to work in the morning. And what are you guys doing now? I can never get the time difference right.