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The Ultimate Tragic Hero

Posted by Lewis on May 02, 2003

In Reply to: The Ultimate Tragic Hero posted by TheFallen on April 28, 2003

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: : My two-cent's worth (my opinion, to those not familiar with the phrase)is that if you must speak on the subject of Romeo, compare him to a John Wayne/James Dean character, for instance, and explain what you think makes that character
: : 1) tragic---was he doomed from the start, an angry man who was headed for trouble, someone who was innocent and gentle and things just got out of control? and
: : 2)heroic---brave, compassionate?
: :
: : "The more I thought about this assignment, the more I realized that Romeo was just like (fill in the blank) because (tell us why).

: : As someone else suggested, use your own words, don't just cheat and copy from someone else's work. Make your audience understand why you think and believe the way you do.

: I will seize upon any opportunity to laud my personal favourite tragic hero, who also just happens to be the ultimate existential hero as well. (He's the one on the left).

I think a hero is a main character who overcomes adversity in such a way as to be an inspiration to others.

If tragedy requires that the main protagonist has some innate flaw that inevitably brings about their downfall - is that main character still a "hero" if we would wish to avoid sharing that disaster?

(I didn't do an English degree, so what would I knw?)