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Favourite Tragic Heros

Posted by Bella on April 28, 2003

In Reply to: Favourite Tragic Heros posted by Woodchuck on April 28, 2003

My two-cent's worth (my opinion, to those not familiar with the phrase)is that if you must speak on the subject of Romeo, compare him to a John Wayne/James Dean character, for instance, and explain what you think makes that character
1) tragic---was he doomed from the start, an angry man who was headed for trouble, someone who was innocent and gentle and things just got out of control? and
2)heroic---brave, compassionate?
"The more I thought about this assignment, the more I realized that Romeo was just like (fill in the blank) because (tell us why).

As someone else suggested, use your own words, don't just cheat and copy from someone else's work. Make your audience understand why you think and believe the way you do.