Posted by ESC on April 22, 2003

STRAIGHT-EDGERS -- Also known by the abbreviation sXe. "The 1980s-era movement started by young fans of punk and hardcore music was unapologetically clear-headed: no alcohol, no smoking, no drugs. Now that lifestyle, known as 'straight edge,' is making a comeback. Inspired by a song of the same name, the movement developed a reputation for intolerance in the 1990s when a few straight-edgers turned militant, starting fights with anyone who challenged their views. Two were convicted in a 1998 killing in Salt Lake City. " Today some straight-edgers are "trying to reclaim a more positive image." The group name is taken from "Straight Edge, the song by the now-defunct band Minor Threat." From " 'sXe' looking for its page in the songbook of life" by Martha Irvine, Associated Press, printed in the Herald-Leader (Lexington, Ky.), April 22, 2003.