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Posted by S. Ryan on April 18, 2003

In Reply to: Translation posted by James Briggs on April 18, 2003

: : When you say something's no "half-pipe", what does it mean? Does it mean it's something big,important, well done? please help!!!

: A guess, but it sounds as if this could come from Shelock Holmes. He often described the difficulty of his intellectual problems in terms of the number of pipe-fulls of tobacco he would need. A 'half-pipe' problem is a relatively small one.
: I'm open to correction!

: This could well depend on where you live and how new the expression is. To a snow-boarder, a 'half-pipe' is the difficult, challenging course which must be negotiated. If something is no 'half-pipe' it may be perceived to be a relatively easy task or challenge.