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BROOK(S) NO TRUCK: what does this mean?

Posted by James Briggs on April 09, 2003

In Reply to: BROOK(S) NO TRUCK: what does this mean? posted by Paula Dispenza on April 09, 2003

: I've come across the expression "brook(s) no truck" many times, and have never found it in any reference materials, including this site! From the context in which I've seen it used, it seems to mean "won't deal with bullsh-t". Can anyone clarify the definition and explain the origin of this phrase? Thanks.

As far as 'truck' is concerned, the origin is as follows:
To have no truck with someone means to have no dealings with them. Truck comes from the French "troquer" meaning "to barter".
I'll have to check on 'brook' - unless someone beats me to it!