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Words ending in 'gry' - a long-dead rat

Posted by TheFallen on May 15, 2003

In Reply to: Words ending in 'gry' - I smell a rat posted by Lotg on May 15, 2003

: : : Hey guys, need help!

: : : Got this e-mail this morning, had it before but can't remember how to solve it. Any chance one of you knows the answer?... I'm guessing it has something to do with ONE...

: : :
: : : This is going to make you so MAD! There are three words in the English language that end in "gry". ONE is angry and the other is hungry. EveryONE knows what the third ONE means and what it stands for. EveryONE uses them everyday, and if you listened very carefully, I've given you the third word. What is it?

: : : _______gry?

: : : The answer would be appreciated!!!

: : P.s. Sorry, I know it isn't exactly a phrase!!!

: Actually Kit, I smell a trick rather than a rat. I struggled with a variety of permeations of 'gry', then after downing a couple of reds, re-read and re-read the question. And I suspect the following...

: It says, there are 3 words in 'the English Language' that end in 'gry'. The emphasis I suspect might be on 'the English Language', not on words ending in 'gry'.

: If I'm right, then the 3rd word is 'Language'.

: I might be wrong, and just plain suspicious, but it's a thought. It's a bit dodgy, but these things often are.

: But I have to admit, I could NOT think of any other words that end in 'gry'.
: So I'm going for LANGUAGE being the 3rd word.

One variant of the riddle does have "language" as its answer, though it's not phrased the same as this version. Another version of the riddle can be answered with the word "energy" or the word "orgy", both of which also end in "g, r, y", but just not in that order. However these answers don't fit with the "I've already told you" condition in this version. Check the website I linked to in an earlier post, which I've now found was created by a long-suffering reference librarian heartily sick to the back teeth of people rushing it to ask this question.