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Buzz words - Bingo!

Posted by Lotg on May 15, 2003

In Reply to: Buzz words posted by Shae on May 15, 2003

: : I have often sat through corporate meetings and marvelled at some people's ability to deliver a discourse consisting entirely of buzz words and phrases, but managing to avoid saying anything at all. In some respects I consider this to be quite a skill, albeit a complete waste of our time.

: : So does anyone know the origin of 'buzz word'?

: I don't know the origin but you might like to entertain yourself and others at your next meeting by playing Buzzword Bingo. From the site below, you can print a bingo card with a 5x5 grid. Each square contains a buzzword. Mark each one you hear and when you have five across, down or diagonally, shout 'Bingo!!' and wave your card in the air.


: Ha ha, with some of the dropkicks I've worked with, I'd never get through some of the meetings without repeatedly shouting 'Bingo'!