More phrasal verbs

Posted by TheFallen on May 15, 2003

In Reply to: More phrasal verbs posted by kathaab afandi on May 15, 2003

: hi,

: 1)pixiemish smile
: 2)in turn
: 3)to soak the rich
: 4)it wards off hunger
: 5)dig deeper for pay dirt
: 6)stamping out cultivation of opium
: 7)the use of cocaine was considered comletely beyond the pale
: 8)the evidence is in
: 9)apt to live
: 10)take the plunge
: 11)shotgun weddings
: 12)in the eye of the beholder
: 13)winging about

: thank you all.

Definitely not all phrasal verbs, as it happens, but never mind.

1) Pixyish smile - from pixie, a mythical mischievous playful sort of elf. A mischievous smile.
2) In turn - in sequence.
3) To soak the rich - to overcharge the wealthy.
4) To ward off - to prevent, keep away.
5) To dig deeper for paydirt - to make greater efforts in order to obtain financial reward.
6) To stamp out - to eradicate or destroy.
7) Beyond the pale - totally unacceptable.
8) The evidence is in - the evidence is now available.
9) Apt to - typically likely to.
10) To take the plunge - to take the first (often dramatic) step.
11) Shotgun weddings - forced marriages.
12) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - the perception of beauty is a very personal and subjective thing. What one person sees as beautiful, another may consider as unattractive.
13) Winging about - ??? If you spelled this correctly, it may mean moving fast but without much purpose, but it's an unusual construction and usage. I wonder if you meant "whinging about", which means complaining about.