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Flanking out?

Posted by ESC on May 14, 2003

In Reply to: Flanking out? posted by R. Berg on May 14, 2003

: : : : hello,

: : : : 1)hold out
: : : : 2)followed up
: : : : 3)flanking out
: : : : 4)steer clear of someone
: : : : 5)scoop out

: : : : thank you all for your time and efforts.

: : : 1) hold out. It depends on how the phrase is used. It could mean wait or delay action on something to gain an advantage, etc. "She wanted to buy a new car but decided to hold out until she can afford a really nice one." Or, literally: "Hold out your hand and I'll give you candy."

: : : 2) followed up. Took additional action after an event - gathered more information, checked to see if something was being done properly, etc.

: : : 3) flanking out. See "flank" at "Flank" is "the right or left of a formation.

: : : 4) steer clear of someone. Stay away from someone, avoid the places that person goes.

: : : 5) scoop out. Dip out - like with an ice cream scoop. (Scope out is "check out" or look at.)

: : I've never seen the phrasal verb "flank out" and honestly can't come up with any meaningful sentence in which it might be used. I wonder if the question-setter meant "outflank", which literally means "to get round the side of", or figuratively "to best".

: Or maybe it was a typo for "flunking out"--failing academically, with expulsion from school as a result.

I thought maybe "flanking out" mean spreading out.