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Flanking out?

Posted by TheFallen on May 13, 2003

In Reply to: Some phrases plz posted by ESC on May 13, 2003

: : hello,

: : 1)hold out
: : 2)followed up
: : 3)flanking out
: : 4)steer clear of someone
: : 5)scoop out

: : thank you all for your time and efforts.

: 1) hold out. It depends on how the phrase is used. It could mean wait or delay action on something to gain an advantage, etc. "She wanted to buy a new car but decided to hold out until she can afford a really nice one." Or, literally: "Hold out your hand and I'll give you candy."

: 2) followed up. Took additional action after an event - gathered more information, checked to see if something was being done properly, etc.

: 3) flanking out. See "flank" at "Flank" is "the right or left of a formation.

: 4) steer clear of someone. Stay away from someone, avoid the places that person goes.

: 5) scoop out. Dip out - like with an ice cream scoop. (Scope out is "check out" or look at.)

I've never seen the phrasal verb "flank out" and honestly can't come up with any meaningful sentence in which it might be used. I wonder if the question-setter meant "outflank", which literally means "to get round the side of", or figuratively "to best".