Sailing quote

Posted by Masakim on May 13, 2003

In Reply to: Sailing quote posted by R. Bromleigh-McNeil on May 13, 2003

: If you pls, what is the origin of the following, and/or who wrote it???

: "Any man who would go to sea for pleasure," (at least I think thats right)," would
: go to hell for a pastime."

Shentlemens vot goes to sea for pleasure vould go to hell for pastime. (A.J. Boyd, _Shellback_, 1899)

He gave a half-laugh and muttered the old formula about "the man who would go to sea for pleasure, going to hell for a pstime!" (D.W. Bone, _Brassbounder_, 1910)

"What made you come to sea anyway?" "Search me.... To amuse myself, I suppose." "Well, a man who'd go to sea for fun'd go to hell for a pastime.... It's an old sailor expression." (M. Lowry, _Ultramarine_, 1933)