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Dodgy and Dicey

Posted by TheFallen on May 11, 2003

In Reply to: Dodgy and Dicey posted by R. Berg on May 11, 2003

: : What are the origins of the words 'dodgy and dicey'? Both imply the same thing, but I can't see the connection between the actual words and their meaning when used in conversation.

: : Thanks,
: : Petalyn

: : PS: I don't know if I spelt 'dicey' correctly either.

: I think these are the derivations: "Dodgy" from "dodge," to evade, to act slippery and avoid being confronted. "Dicey" from "dice," connected with gambling, chance, randomness; = iffy. Isn't "dodgy" applied to people and "dicey" applied to situations?

Not quite - well, not here in the UK, at least. As you rightly say, "dicey" is invariably applied to situations, and as has been said means risky or uncertain. "Dodgy" when applied to a situation means exactly the the same thing as "dicey". However, "dodgy" can also be applied to a person, then meaning untrustworthy or suspicious. "Iffy" is used in exactly the same way as "dodgy" over here, being equally applicable to both people and situations.