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"Heads up"

Posted by Bella on May 07, 2003

In Reply to: "Heads up" posted by J on May 07, 2003

: : At sandlot baseball games spectators may be
: : near the foul lines, and not always paying attention to what is
: : happening on the field. Then if a batter hits a pop foul, someone
: : will yell, "heads up!" to get everyone's attention
: : so no-one will get beaned by it.

: : It has to be something short that everyone will understand immediately.

: Interesting...sounds logical. I wonder if thats how it started, in baseball.

There is actually also a Biblical principle, in the Old Testament book Judges, chapter 7, verses 5 & 6, when Gideon was leading the people, and the Lord told Gideon that everyone who drinks with their heads down, "like a dog", these shall be set aside, but those who drink by pulling their hands from the water to their mouths (with their heads up, eyes watchful), these numbered only 300 and were the ones to be given authority over the others.

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